Black ’47

The last few weeks have illustrated our need to sustain and increase our charitable efforts toward increasing vocations, the pursuit and dissemination of Irish History, decreasing hunger and providing relief in the face of natural disaster. Hurricane Florence reminded us that natural disaster is never far from our door. The pernicious predilection of pedophilia makes all too clear the need to remain united in our defense of the church and support the formation of faithful servants of the church.

The challenges we have recently experienced are balanced by the joy and celebration associated with the many Irish Festivals and Feis that harvest time (Lughnasa) brings. The resilience of our Irish Ancestors is displayed a new for us this Fall in the film Black 47, a cinematic exploration of An Gorta Mor. We have been fortunate to establish a partnership with the distributors of the film in setting up donation stations for Hibernian Charities and information stations for AOH/LAOH recruiting. I urge you all to use the film as an opportunity to share with the many who are sadly unaware of the truth of this critical period of Irish History and to make the most of the opportunity to raise funds for Hibernian Charities.

Please Donate to Hibernian Charities in support of Project St. Patrick (vocations,) the Hibernian Hunger project, Disaster Relief, Medal of Honor Grove, Irish History Essay Contests, and Study Abroad Scholarships. You can do so by writing your check out to Hibernian Charities and writing the focus of your monetary support in the memo section and sending to P.O. Box 19325, New Orleans, LA 70179.

Please make the most of this opportunity to share Irish History, Information about our worthy Order, and Hibernian Charities.

In Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity
-Dr. Joe

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